Our People

Essano Limited has an amazing, close-knit team of over 70 people from amazing Cosmetic Chemists, a stellar Production Team, Sales Gurus, Finance Experts and Brand Champions. Meet some of our team below. For nearly two decades we have been having lunch together each month, which is always a good laugh as we share some of our monthly company highlights.

  • Anthony Gadsdon
    Anthony Gadsdon
    Founder/General Manager Export

  • Shane Young
    Shane Young
    Founder/General Manager R&D

  • Vanessa Sharpe
    Vanessa Sharpe
    Brand Manager

  • Rachelle Wills
    Rachelle Wills
    Senior Brand Manager

  • Craig Langley
    Craig Langley

  • Kate Snushall
    Kate Snushall
    Graphic Designer

  • Kharman Hama
    Kharman Hama
    Production Operator

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith
    Production Supervisor

  • Bostjan Valencic
    Bostjan Valencic
    Warehouse Supervisor

  • Robyn Clark
    Robyn Clark
    Purchasing Manager

  • Linda Solipo
    Linda Solipo
    Team Leader

  • Klavdija Lukman
    Klavdija Lukman
    Head Cosmetic Chemist

  • Kevan Handelaar
    Kevan Handelaar
    Business Manager Pharmacy

  • Palepoi Matamu
    Palepoi Matamu
    Team Leader

  • Jasmeen Deo
    Jasmeen Deo
    Financial Accountant

  • Rhys Vaughan
    Rhys Vaughan
    Technical Manager

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